Colour of the week – Ivory

Ivory. Best know as the favourite dress colour for most modern brides. This delicious shade of white gets it’s hue from a dash of yellow and just as it complements any beautiful bride, it is also a perfect colour to use as the base for any room due to it’s warm & inviting hue. Not only as a base, Ivory is one of the few colours that works well in a whole room – walls, floors and furnishings included. Below are some of my favourite examples of how this hue can be used.
All White – As mentioned above, a room completely finished and furnished in ivory can be pretty all right! The key here is to layer textures. Using chunky knitted throws, woven fabrics, silks, smooth paint finishes and rough timbers ensure a room is completed with personality and interest.

pic 2

pic 1

pic 3 - kitchen

As a Base – Using Ivory as a base or as a tool to pare back a colour scheme is a brilliant way to use this shade of white. Ivory will happily sit in the background of a room – in architraves, ceilings, walls or floorings – setting the stage for deeper or brighter colours.

pic 6

pic 5

Keep it natural – Incorporating an all white colour scheme with timbers and natural textiles would have to be my favourite use for Ivory. Its cool, casual & summery without being too in-your-face. These two final images show how beautiful and relaxing this type of colour scheme can be. The spaces are light, airy and feel like they belong at an elegant holiday destination.

pic 7

pic 4 - lounge


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