Colour of the Week – Lemon Yellow

Yellow would have to be one of my favourite colours, so much so that most of our wedding featured around the colour. It’s warm, young, fun and used in the right way can be very sophisticated and modern, which was the exact vibe we were going for on the day. However, be warned – yellow can also go oh-so wrong! Pair with blues and you’ll quickly take a step back into the 90’s. Select the wrong shade or use too much of the colour and you could find yourself being over powered by this bright hue. Go a tinge too green or orange, and your whole space could end up looking like it’s eaten last week’s dinner! Yes, this is one colour where you have to be VERY careful when picking your hue and shade.
Being the most visible colour on the wheel, yellow is best used in either small doses or in softer shades. Enter Lemon Yellow. Lemon is a lighter, softer shade of yellow’s true form, and can work beautifully in most homes. This one colour can be used in modern, country, classic or coastal homes, and it has warm and nurturing energy which welcomes us in. See below for some tips and tricks on how you can incorporate this summery hue into your home!

Keep it modern with 50 shades of grey.

pic 1

Pair with crisp white for the ultimate, cool, summery palette.

Pic 2

Pic 3

Add bursts of colour by using stronger shades, sparingly.

Pic 4

Light up your world with bold pendants that will be definite conversation starters.

Pic 6

If in doubt, fresh is best. Be it tulips, lemons or soft yellow roses, nature has a way of creating the best colours that are soft on the eye and never quite as good when re-produced.

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