Palm Springs Style

Someone please, take me far away from this cold winter chill! If you are anything like me, it’s about this time of year when I decide I’ve had enough of the cold and am ready for some warmer weather. It’s not just the warmer weather, but the colour & vibrancy that comes along with it. Winter is just way too grey for my liking (even though we’ve hardly had a drop of rain since April!).

Usually I start yearning for tropical spaces, filled with salty air, colour and warmth, but this year is different. This year, there is a new yearning in my heart and it’s for a place that up until now, I’d never given much thought to. I’m talking about Palm Springs, and the more I look into the place the more my mouth is dropping at just how cool their design style is. A combination of glam mid-century and bright, vibrant colours give Palm Springs life like nothing else. It’s young, it’s fresh and it’s playful – what more could you want for a summer holiday paradise?

Speaking of holidays, I always love to bring home a little piece of each destination with me when it’s time to leave. It’s one of the best ways to create an innovative interior, and each piece will serve as a beautiful memoir. With these spaces, I could happily take home each and every room, but something tells me I could also create this look with pieces found a little closer to home. Take a look at my tips below for how you can create a Palm Springs paradise in your own living room.

Coloured glass & Desert hues. The colour scheme of this room looks to be inspired from desert hues and summery sun sets. Using the bright, white as a canvas, this space is light, airy and fun. I love how the look has been achieved with the coloured glass and black accents.

Pic 1

Get the look: Barcelona Chair , Glass Vases and Bottles, Coffee Table

Add a statement. Nothing says “Palm Springs” quite like a statement cactus. Usually, we see these outside, more than in, but they are a perfect indoor plant choice – especially if you struggle to keep plants alive. The cacti and other succulents in this room work beautifully to incorporate the Palm Springs vibe, even without using bright colour.

Pic 6

Get the look: Cacti, Nest of Tables, Quit Cover

White on White –  This look never fails, but here it has been further enhanced with the pops of yellow and mix of patterns, shapes and textures. It really gives this space a sense of presence and elegance.

Pic 4

Get the look: Arm Chair, White Rug, Side Table

Speaking of mixing it up… Mix up textures, with bright colours and natural timbers. The timber bed-head used here is perfect and simply divine, and don’t get me started on that lamp and side table! I could just package up the whole room.

Pic 3

Get the look: Bed Head, Lamp, LampSide Table

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