Colour of the week – Sky Blue

Word on the street is pastels are going to be the next big thing. So, following on from last weeks feature on blush pink, we thought it would be fitting for this week’s colour to be pastel blue. Probably the most calming and gentle colour I can think of, pastel blue is a beautiful choice of colour for any home. In the right tone it can be warm or cool and the colour will always have a welcoming and relaxing effect in any room. Be it bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or lounge-room, pastel blue translates to a variety of spaces.
The best part about pastel blue is how versatile it is, from coastal or tropical to modern or elegant, this colour can really transform a room! Check out some of the images below to see just how adaptable this colour can be.

pic 1

pic 2

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 7.43.22 pm

pic 3

pic 4

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