Coffee, Cookies and Cream

This is one colour scheme sounds as delicious as it looks. Coffee, cookies and cream has had my tummy rumbling all morning as I play with pulling together a look that’s entirely neutral but feels like cosy, warm hug! This look is a little more rustic than my usual styling, but I love the warmth the clock, baskets, pendant light and side tables brings to the mix. It’s about texture and it’s really important to remember this when pulling together a neutral colour scheme like this one – otherwise you run the risk of creating a room that is void of character or depth. Pattern can also play a huge role with neutrals to give the space personality, be it a classic stripe or something a little more fun – even someone who is a huge colour advocate can be swung to love neutrals when enough variation in pattern and texture is applied to the mix… 

Get the look 1. Cream Throw, 2. Pendant Light, 3. Clock, 4. Artwork5. Armchair, 6. Chocolate cushion, 7. Cream Cushion, 8. Sofa, 9. Baskets, 10. Side Table, 11. Rug

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