Interior Design Trends 2015 – Antique Modern

This week we’re taking a look a another big design trend of 2015, but to be honest I think this trend has been growing for a lot longer than just the past year. Mixing new, modern pieces of furniture with vintage or antique furniture is a practice that many people have done for a number of years simply due to the availability of buying vintage furniture. It’s only more recently that this look has taken off as a trend and become quite popular.

The look definitely isn’t about pairing old, shabby furniture with new shiny objects at random, but rather combining traits (such as shape, style or colour) or items that share some characteristics. Refinishing furniture is also a popular aspect of this look, giving antique items – with beautiful carving details – a fresh coat of paint, of re-upholstering vintage sofas with a modern fabric are great ways to bring together the overall look. But utilising architecture or original features within a space, such as architraves, a ceiling rose or wall panelling, and contrasting these features with modern furniture is possibly my favourite way to create this look, below are a few of my favourite examples of how this look can be created – whether you have the original features or not…

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