Organising a pantry

A few weeks ago one of my gorgeous besties asked if I could help organise her pantry and while I’ll admit it’s completely dorky,  I totally jumped at the opportunity! We have been friends since way back in high school and being asked to organise her pantry was a complete honour and surprise, because – I’ll let you in on another little secret here – this best friend of mine is a chef AND expecting a baby in the very near future! So to say she needed help, is an understatement! 

I wasted very little time in getting over to her place, we sussed it all out and then hit the shops for some new containers. Back home we cleared out her pantry and I went through everything with her figuring out what she uses most often (to keep at an easy to reach height) and what is used less frequently (that could be stored at the bottom or top of her pantry). Then we got to organising! 

As I mentioned above, I chatted with my friend through most of the process figuring out what she uses most and what would be best to keep at an easily reachable height. There’s no point organising a pantry just for good looks, it needs to be functional too and the most important function is access! At home, I couldn’t count how many times I’ve reorganised our own pantry (as our needs have changed), and each and every time it gets a little more refined and more practical BUT what may be practical for me, may not be ideal for you! So we chatted and worked things around what would be best for now. Trying to keep the bulky items that aren’t used as much at the very bottom and the smaller items that aren’t used so much at the top (again for access and safety – no one wants to be lifting a 4kg bottle of oil down from above their head!). By lunchtime, we ended up with a finished pantry, a mum-to-be that was ready for a nap and a nerd that was feeling very fulfilled! Check out the pics below to have a peek inside a chef’s pantry and to see how we organised this space for her needs…. 

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