5 Tips for choosing Rugs

Today I wanted to share a quick post about choosing rugs. It’s a bit like choosing art in that it can be one of those items that just seems too overwhelming and so we end up going with the simple or the bland, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few simple tips and tricks, I feel the rug buying dilemma can be tackled with joy and excitement, instead of worrying that you’ll make the wrong choice!  

1. Size Matters. So many people underestimate how important this one is! If choosing a rug for a lounge room, you ideally want as much of the furniture as possible to be sitting on the rug. This will make your room feel bigger and create a defined conversation space at the same time. It’s a little tricky to explain exactly what I mean in words, so I created this little graphic to help! Designer trick: If you find a gorgeous rug you absolutely love but it’s only in a small size, layer on top of a larger (neutral) rug so the rugs are still cohesive to the space. 

2. Choose your rug first. I know this may not be possible if you’ve already fully furnished a room, but if you can choose your rug before all your other accent pieces. It is much easier to find a rug that you absolutely love and then add cushions, art and decorative accents than it is to find a rug that ties in with all those pieces at the end. 

3.  Be bold with colour or pattern. Rugs can be two things, a softer finish for hard floors or a somewhat of an artwork for you floors! If you have a room that is relatively simple, going for a bold rug can really add a lot of impact without it being too “in-your-face”, especially if you have a coffee table sitting on top of the rug! 

4. Texture. Rugs are a fantastic way to add texture to a space. Shaggy rugs or rugs with beautiful patterns can totally transform the look and feel of a room, bringing in warmth and making a space feel more welcoming, cosy and cohesive. 

5. Choose what you love. It’s a bit like artwork, choosing what you absolutely love will generally result in a purchase that you’ll remain happy with, and in the end, thats what we all want in our homes – Items that spark joy! The added bonus here is this: Most people have a certain style they are drawn to and generally these items that naturally go well together, so when all else fails, go with what is uniquely you!

So there you have it, I hope these tips help you next time you are our trying to find a rug for your home! 

What other tips would you like me to share for purchasing items for your home?

Let me know in the comments! 

Liv xx

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